Sarah Munday

Sarah Munday

Founder & Doer

Sarah is our founder, but more importantly she’s our doer.

She’s the hustler you call when you need to get things done. We wouldn’t have assembled without her. There’s no putting this all-rounder in a box.

She’s a producer, strategist, planner, maker (we could go on). 

Sarah has spent a decade working in advertising and marketing, and is particularly captivated by the depth and possibilities of digital.

This proud Mumma Bear lives in Torquay with her family and loveable cocker spaniel, Wally.

Miriam McWilliam

Miriam Mcwilliam

Art Director & Senior Designer

Our magnificent Miriam wears many hats.

She’s the founder of Studio Mimi Moon, a senior designer, art director, photographer and illustrator. Phew. (Told you so.)

This stylish sister is not afraid of colour, and has been brightening up the industry for more than 12 years.

But brand identity is Miriam’s jam. This girl is your go-to when you want your business to gleam.

Hailing from lovely Lorne, she now lives in Melbourne with her hubby and adorable pooch, Poncho.

Paul Hermes

Paul Hermes

Creative Director & Photographer

Paul is our ideas man.

He’s been enlisted by big brands like Swisse, TAC, Puma, Levis and Schweppes to conceptualise and execute brand launches,
TV, digital, social media campaigns and everything in between.

He is a brilliant photographer, with a knack for honest and engaging portraits.

Paul has spent years working in creative agencies of all sizes in the city, but couldn’t be happier with his recent sea change to our coast.
A proud family man, you can usually find him chilling with his young brood. Plus, he’s a damn nice guy to boot.

Jenna Meade

Jenna Meade

Writer & Editor

Jenna finishes our sentences.

She’s been a journalist for more than a decade, filing lifestyle, travel and wellness features for News Corp, Broadsheet and Collective Hub.

She makes words shine. As founder of Sunny Copy, she develops clever copywriting, content and strategy for creative souls. Basically, she’ll make your words dance for you.

Jenna will always call the Surf Coast home, but is currently roaming South East Asia as a digital nomad. So right now she’s probably trying not to spill pho on her laptop.

Ryan Gasparini

Ryan Gasparini

Director of Photography & Editor

Ryan finds our flow.

He’s got a gift for discovering inventive ways to execute a project.

He has been shaking up the industry for seven years, working in the corporate and social media realms. Two of those were spent in London at ITV and Getty Images.

Ryan’s experience has taught him how to make an impressive impact. He can refine his client’s messages to pack a direct punch.

Outside of work, he’s most likely nestled in his video bubble producing short films.

Stef Rowcliffe

Stef Rowcliffe

Social Content Producer

Stef is our social butterfly.

Those sassy little squares are her domain. She knows how to start digital conversations that turn into conversions - no matter the budget.

Bursting with positive energy, Stef is full of fresh ideas and loves being part of the creative process. Her eagle eye for detail ensures your branding stands out among the online overload.

After hours, you can usually find Stef managing the Calmer Sutra Tea social platforms, out in the waves on her longboard or hiking somewhere beautiful.

Callum Mundine Studio

Callum Mundine

Digital Marketer

We call Cal our digital guru.

He’s the guy that gets tech, and knows code, but doesn’t speak in jargon.
Backed by five years experience working for digital agencies - he specialises in SEO, Google AdWords, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixels and Facebook and Instagram advertising. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what they mean - Cal’s got your back.)

When he’s not tapping away online, he’s off seeking new adventures across the globe or hanging with his loyal border collie, Russ.