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Transport Accident Commission

Be Bold Cycling Campaign

One thing cyclists can do to stay safer on our roads is to make sure they're visible to drivers.

To remind riders to be visible on the roads we asked them to Be Bold and make cycling safety their statement.

With vibrant photography, bright backgrounds, bikes and outfits, we created a social campaign that cut through the noise.

Using Meta strategy to target Victorian cyclists, we created a lead-generation campaign giving riders the chance to win a safe cycling pack, including a new bike.

In 2.5 weeks the campaign generated more than 3000 new email subscribers and reached more than 66,000 Victorian cyclists.


  • Creative Concepting
  • Strategy
  • Production Management
  • Photography
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Social Media Content
Female dressed in bright coloured clothing holding white bicycle helmet and smiling at camera.
Female wearing white bicycle helmet and looking at the camera. Be Bold. Be Seen. TAC.

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